8 Budget-Friendly Bike Essentials For Beginners

8 Budget-Friendly Bike Essentials For Beginners

As public transport cuts down to a minimum, commuters resort to alternatives to get from point A to B - biking.  This new landscape transformed cycling from a recreational activity into an essential form of transport. And, emerging from this shift are bikers on their first few kilometers on the saddle. What to wear during rides or what backpack to use are questions we frequently receive.

You are not alone. More than half our workforce shifted, too, from riding jeepneys and tricycles into pedaling our ways to the office. Like you, many of us also just began our bike journey.

Listed are the most common budget-friendly bike essentials we wear and use to come to work, even on weekend rides.  



Sandugo Kranos MTB Helmet



 #1 Helmet - Sandugo Kranos All-Mountain MTB Helmet

Rule number one: sit on the saddle only when a helmet sits on your head. The Sandugo Kranos All-Mountain MTB Helmet offers maximum head protection at a very affordable price.

Sale Price: ₱1,245.00
Original Price: ₱1,695.00


#2 Shorts - Sandugo Canyon Shorts

For those who don't feel like going all-out on tights just yet, the stylish Sandugo Canyon Shorts offers a great alternative. Like cycling shorts, the Canyon is constructed with a two-way stretch fabric that deems no obstruction  in every pedal stroke.

Sale Price: ₱796.00
Original Price: ₱995.00


Basekamp Tigris Water Shoes


#3 Shoes - Basekamp Tigris Water Shoes

Getting caught on a downpour is inevitable during bike commutes. Having a light, quick-drying shoes is an ideal for this kind of situation. The versatile Basekamp Tigris Water Shoes offer both, plus you get full-feet protection as well.

Sale Price: ₱1,036.00
Original Price: ₱1,295.00


Sandugo CDFLOW Quick Dry T Shirt


#4 Tops -  Sandugo CDFLOW Quick Dry Shirt

When it comes to shirts, there's a myriad of options. Choose lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking top for maximum comfort especially on hot sunny days. The Sandugo CDFLOW Quick Dry Shirt features all three and comes in bright solid colors for high visibility.


Sandugo Basekamp Neck Wallet


#5 – Sandugo Neck Wallet

Stash loose change, keys, smart phones, ATM and credit cards inside the Sandugo Neck Wallet. It provides easy access to your on-the-go items and really comes handy when you need those coins to buy a cup fresh buko juice from Trader Job.

Sale Price: ₱156.00
Original Price: ₱195.00


Sandugo Vessel Hydration Bike Bag Backpack


#6 - Backpack Sandugo Vessel Hydration Pack

Not only does the Sandugo Vessel Backpack fits a bladder, it can also be used to stow bigger items like a change of clothes or perhaps #7, a Basekamp Windbreaker v2 Jacket

Sale Price: ₱956.00
Original Price: ₱1,195.00

Basekamp Windbreaker v2 Jacket


#7 Jacket – Basekamp Windbreaker v2 Jacket

A packable Basekamp Windbreaker v2 Jacket should get you all warmed up on chilly morning or night rides. With its water-repellant feature, the Windbreaker v2 can easily shrug drizzles and light rains.

Sale Price: ₱548.00
Original Price: ₱685.00

Basekamp Head Wear


#8 Multifunctional Bandana – Basekamp Head Wear

The Basekamp Head Wear is perhaps the most versatile piece of cloth bike clothing accessory there is. Use the Head Wear as a mask (because, you know), a helmet liner, a balaclava, handkerchief – the list just goes on.

These eight budget-friendly bike essentials should get your started. To our fellow kapadyak, what other items would you suggest to help out new bikers. Feel free to write them at the comments below.

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 #BONUS - Brusko Active Bib Set

For easy spins, the Brusko Active Bib Set features a jersey with a more relaxed fit, and thick padded shorts for a comfortable ride.



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