Who We Are

Sandugo is the leading sandals and slippers manufacturing company in the Philippines. We are focused and fully committed to the development and sales of sandals and slippers. We are working to consistently provide Filipinos with sandals and slippers that are durable, comfortable, and affordable.

Sandugo is a proud Filipino company founded by hardcore mountaineer, Job Faminialagao, in 1994. It started as Sandugo, a small backyard operation, producing sandals specifically designed for hikers and trekkers.

The mountain-tough, trail-tested footwear became an instant hit with the most hiking and trekking community. The almost indestructible sandals entered the mainstream market when ordinary folks looking for durable and comfortable footwear saw the value in the product. Better materials and emerging manufacturing technologies have made its sandals even better in time.

The company’s passion towards sandals production and development gave way to a great assortment of sandals, slippers, and Sandugo’s very own shoes. In addition to its footwear come more outdoor products – Sandugo made its own bags, backpacks, and other accessories in order to provide complementary outdoor items to its customers.

Sandugo’s more than a decade of experience in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of outdoor footwear has given the company solid experience in all aspects of its operations.